• berenice wrote:

    This will help me to make better choices! And not choose the easy way.

  • Akira Marine wrote:

    I pledge.

  • “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.”

  • I pledge

  • I am a fashion student and designer , I love what I do and I see no reason to continue in this industry if not to work and do art in a conscious and respectful way for the planet , employees and customers and me. Thank you and congratulations for the initiative! I hope everyday more people join this cause that we know its for everyone!

  • Leslie Maeder wrote:

    I am a clothing/costume designer dedicated to the Slow Fashioned movement and have been for at least 25 years. Thank you for promoting this ideal!

  • Deb Freeman wrote:

    I want to introduce Slow Fashion Movement into my classroom & educate my textiles students about ethical social justice regarding consumerism & clothing.

  • This is what needs to happen now and it starts in each of or own communities…

  • Jill Andrejat wrote:



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