• WilliamNup wrote:

    Thanks for the article post. Will read on… Emrick

  • Michele wrote:

    I pledge to make smarter decisions about purchases and to not make fast (stupid) purchases just because something is trendy in that moment.

  • Janna wrote:

    Understanding body shape and colour palette, and always ask ‘Is this product ethical?’ Head for charity shops!

  • Tricia wrote:

    49 North Main Street

  • Winifred wrote:

    I already love second-hand fashion, so why not :) I pledge to be conscious of my buying habits.

  • Alice wrote:

    I pledge to make slow clothing and help with the cause :)

  • Rachel wrote:

    I pledge to be more conscious of the buying choices I make for me and my family.

  • Anna wrote:

    I pledge to shop more sustainably and to stay away from fast fashion! I pledge to shop second hand as much as possible and take good care of my clothes.

  • Kate wrote:

    79 Woodside Avenue

  • Erich-Schlesinger-Straße 62, 18059 Rostock, Tyskland


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