• Custom-made and re-styled vintage frocks!

  • Erin Blank wrote:

    This pledge is everything I am trying to keep sacred as I grow my little brand.

  • Hannah wrote:

    For the future.

  • I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up.

  • Anmarie wrote:

    I buy nearly all of my clothing 2nd-hand. I prefer the treasure hunt feel of shopping for pre-owned. My wardrobe is more interesting now that it’s alive with clothing that is, shall we say, experienced. I’m loving it and I’m making my world a wee bit better by recycling, reusing, re-imagining.

  • I’m buy nearly all of my clothing 2nd-hand. I prefer the treasure-hunt feel of the 2nd-hand shopping experience. My wardrobe is more interesting, steeped in the stories of clothes that are, let’s say, ‘experienced.’ I’m enjoying it AND I’m helping my world by reusing, recycling, re-imagining.

  • marisa wrote:

    love this!
    We work with artisans in South Asia and we really cannot deliver at fast delivery rates as much as we have tried. The Beauty is in the work…if we rush our orders there are only problems…
    This is such a great reminder…just SLOW DOWN…enjoy the process…

  • naveen wrote:

    i pledge to slow down and bring about changes in the scociety i live


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