• naveen wrote:

    i am slowing down

  • betsy ames wrote:

    I am behind this completely. Classic, timeless clothes worn mindfully and taken care of is part of the solution!

  • Waheedah wrote:

    I support local artisans in South Africa, women empowerment and Fair Trade practices. We adopt the SLOW approach, quality over quantity.

  • Baylee wrote:

    I pledge to SLOW DOWN and try to turn all my purchases into ethically created goods!

  • Michelle wrote:

    I will continue to buy classic timeless designs that can be worn season after season. I will continue mending all clothing and house hold linens.

  • Mari wrote:

    I support local artisans continue their traditions, and show people the value of handmade. I always think of the social and environmental effects when designing a product.

  • Radia wrote:

    I manufacture and market my products in slow fashion way.

  • Beata wrote:

    I sew most of my clothes, take it slow and go for quality (not quantity) – I will take more attention to the fabrics I use.

  • Florence wrote:

    I sew a lot my clothes and I buy rarely it. I pledge to sew better materials and sew slower for reducing my projects.


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