• Thank you for this. I am a clothing designer in Seattle, Washington and I practice this everyday in how I create clothing. This makes me very happy!

  • Bev Whittaker wrote:

    something everybody needs to think about….fast fashion has gone mad

  • Sensible way in creative thinking. . .
    Slow is the new Fast. . .

  • Laura Mac wrote:

    I always think of…’there is no beauty in the finest cloth, if it brings pain and suffering’ -ghandi (i paraphrase, and apologize if it’s not exact) As a fashion designer, that quote has changed my focus and career direction.

  • I hope that more people will stop with the fast fashion. Fashion is a form of expression and consumerism is turning it into another way for businesses to exploit insecurity to make money.

  • Sophie Thomas wrote:

    I feel so encouraged by this movement to pursue my dream to make a Fashion Label and leave my career as a Set & Costume Designer (one of the most unsustainable careers going). This site and all its signatures give me solace.

  • Abby Meyer wrote:

    What I especially love about this is that it’s something EVERYONE can do to help. Change is possible. :)

  • I am so excited, and thank you all for what you have done already! It is shifting!!! This is the way of the future! More and more people are being educated, opening their eyes to the real solution to a better life. Slow and steady wins the race!

  • let’s slow down.. slow food, slow fashion, live life better

  • Mary Wutz wrote:

    Honored to be part of the solution.


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