• Rebecca wrote:

    Although, I don’t make clothes, the jewelry I make is precisely in line with the ethics of slow fashion. I’m delighted there is a term for what I’ve been doing since 2008! I strive to make meaningful jewelry using conflict-free materials that is cherished so much that it will be passed down through the generations.

  • mimi roles wrote:

    Shawn & I pledge to continue our commitment to taking the dumpster out of the equation. Educate by example of our garments and goods to up cycle and repurpose.

  • Kate Bachman wrote:

    I pledge to shop less and shop sustainably.

  • Mel wrote:

    I pledge to practise slow fashion, to ensure my money does not go to funding sweatshops or destroying the planet.

  • I will practice conscious consumption by taking the time to think carefully about what I truly need for my clothes closet before I make or buy it!

  • I pledge to pay attention and bring attention.

  • June Sayali wrote:

    I support the slow fashion concept for a better world.

  • Rosa Fior wrote: we pledge to support and promote the ethics and philosophy of slow fashion with the garments we make, how we work and the stories we share.
    We are proud to invite our customers to buy less, buy better and wear it more.

  • I pledge to support and promote Slow Fashion as a private consumer and true my work @abarenessfashion and our giveback project #coolkidsneedcleanwater

  • Shari wrote:

    We pledge to support and promote the ethics and lifestyle of slow fashion with every garment we make, how we work and the stories we share.


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